EAPC and flowers. Photo and arrangement by Cylena Holeman.
Tortilla chips & salsa in EAPC Large Serving Bowls & Dip Bowls. Photo by Tina Spain McDuffie.
Tina's taco bar. Photo and food by Tina Spain McDuffie.
A simple punch made with lemon-lime soda looks lovely in an Early American Prescut Punch Bowl.
Patriotic celebration. Photo and table setting by Diana Ruth Adams.
May Day table setting. Photo, flowers, and arrangement by Shirley Nelson.
Meat and cheese selections on EAPC large and small platters.
Lunch buffet. Photo and spread by Michelle Turnham Yates.
Delectable strawberries in an EAPC Gondola.
Cupcakes on Large EAPC Platters. Photo by Leanna Stoddard.
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Welcome to the EAPC Glass Knowledge Base

Early American Prescut made its debut in Anchor Hocking's 1960-61 Anchorglass Catalog
Early American Prescut made its debut in Anchor Hocking’s 1960-61 Anchorglass Catalog

Anchor Hocking’s Early American Prescut (EAPC) pattern debuted in their Anchorglass 1960-61 Catalog with just four items: the Large Serving Bowl, Large Candy Dish, Large Platter, and Hostess Tray. In the following years, Anchor Hocking continued to produce and expand the EAPC line to include the many items featured here on this website.

Because EAPC collectors often collect items from other Prescut lines like Oatmeal and Pineapple, as well as, EAPC-patterned pieces Made in Italy and Pasari Indonesia and assorted Go-Withs, I’ve included those items, too, under Go-Withs.

Website Organization

I’ve organized items as EAPC and Go-Withs and subcategorized the many EAPC pieces into Beverageware, Decorware, Dinnerware, Serveware, Tableware, and Sets. The Go-With items have also been categorized.

The Mythical EAPC category features unicorns and items that do not exist. By unicorns, I mean rare prototypes and non-production items of which only one or a few were ever made. When I mark an item as “does not exist“, that means I have been unable to confirm its existence even though it was listed in a collectors’ book or advertised on the side of an EAPC box. The former could’ve been a typo and the latter could be that Anchor Hocking changed their mind.

I’m happy to be proven wrong. If you have an item that I have marked as “does not exist”, please send me photos, including pictures of the item with a tape measure to document its size. I’ll update the item’s page accordingly.


I make extensive use of tags – found at the bottom of each item page – so you can navigate this knowledge base in a variety of ways. For example, you can look for bowls, lids, glasses, etc. via tags or the Pieces menu at the top of the page.

Search Tool

A search tool is always visible at the top of the page at the end of the menu bar, as well as, in many sidebars throughout the site. I’ve noticed that the search function distinguishes between singular and plural search terms and phrases. For example, if you search for “bowl” and “bowls” you will get different results. I haven’t figured out a way to fix this yet.

Item Names

Items are listed by their current common name among EAPC collectors, with EAPC added at the end of the title to assist search engines. When one of us refers to the “Large Serving Bowl” we all know they mean the “10.75-inch diameter bowl” even though Anchor Hocking may have marketed it under other names. Whenever possible, I’ve tried to include those other names in the item’s specifications table as well.

Dimensions & Part Numbers

Each item page includes a table with detailed specifications: dimensions, Anchor Hocking part number, etc. Some dimensions and part numbers have an asterisk (*) next to them. The asterisk (*) signifies that I have confirmed the validity of that data.

For dimensions, that means I’ve actually measured it – if I had it in my collection – or asked a trusted source to measure one from their collection. For capacities, containers were filled to the rim to calculate how much they held. For part numbers, it means I’ve found that part number referenced in an Anchor Hocking Catalog or advertisement.

Dimensions Vary

Our measurements have been rounded to the nearest 1/4″ for simplicity. The dimensions of Anchor Hocking pressed glass items like Early American Prescut often vary ±1/8 inch from one instance to another.

Work in Progress

Please keep in mind that this knowledge base is a work in progress. My first goal is to provide specifications for each Early American Prescut piece that was in production. That is, Anchor Hocking listed the piece in a catalog, mass-produced it, and made it available to the public. Non-production items and one-offs are listed in the Mythical category on this knowledge base.

I’ve got basic pages set up for all EAPC items, the EAPC sets I’ve been able to discover, Oatmeal, Pineapple, Made in Italy, and Pasari Indonesia. Now I’m going back and writing descriptions and adding more pictures for each piece.

I hope eventually to write some articles and invite others to write articles and provide interesting tidbits about the Early American Prescut pattern’s history, care, and maintenance.

Tina McDuffie
EAPC Glass

Many photos posted in the EAPC Glass Knowledge Base come from the EAPC Collectors Facebook Group. Ownership for such photos (noted in the photo’s caption) is retained by the person who took the photo, but use is extended to the EAPC Glass Knowledge Base for educational and identification purposes. Many other photos were taken or created by the site owner, who also retains ownership of her images. ALL photos and images are the property of the original owner (Facebook poster, website owner, etc.) and shall not be reproduced or used by a third party for any reason unless given specific permission from the photo’s owner.

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