EAPC-Patterned Ceramics
EAPC-Patterned Ceramics

Early American Prescut-Patterned Ceramics

When hunting for Early American Prescut glass, you may encounter some pieces that look like they’re ceramic. Well, that’s because they are ceramic. While some industrious EAPC collectors acquired or made molds of EAPC pieces and used them to create opaque ceramic items, others were commissioned by Anchor Hocking. According to Vicky Hilton Cunningham:

Frankenstein Ceramic Lamp. Photo courtesy of Vicky Hilton Cunningham.
Frankenstein Ceramic Lamp. Photo courtesy of Vicky Hilton Cunningham.

The EAPC ceramic pieces are attributed to Taylor, Smith, & Taylor of Chester, West Virginia. TS&T was bought by Anchor Hocking in 1972 and was in production until the plant closed in 1981 when it was demolished. Bob recently found this piece in off-white. We already have one in white but do not have a shade for that one. The shade on the one in the pic was hand painted by his daughter. My favorite piece is the oil lamp.

Vicky Hilton Cunningham, Nov 29, 2020 in Early American Collectors Facebook Group

Glass EAPC pieces may have been used as molds as well. It would account for the size difference between some EAPC-patterned ceramic pieces and their corresponding glass counterparts. Following are some examples of EAPC-patterned ceramics.

Examples of Early American Prescut-Patterned Ceramics

Many ceramic pieces are quite brittle and meant only for display, not actual use. So handle them gently and their color will bring you joy for many years.

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