EAPC 8.75" Ceiling Light Cover
EAPC 8.75" Ceiling Light Cover

Ceiling Light Cover 8.75-inch – EAPC

Dimensions: 8.75″ dia x 3.75″ high*
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Known Colors:Frosted (on the inside)
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This EAPC Ceiling Light Cover is the same size and made from the same mold as the Medium Serving Bowl. However, it has a hole drilled into the bottom for a finial to attach and is frosted on the inside to diffuse light.

The frosted effect was applied in the factory by sandblasting the inside of the bowl-shaped glass. Some homemade versions may be clear or frosted. The homemade frosted light covers are usually painted with frost paint on the outside.

Ceiling light covers, whether factory-made or homemade, are often used as Lampshades for EAPC Electric Lamps.

They tend to be rare and hard-to-find. Which makes sense if you think about it. How many times have you taken down a ceiling light fixture when you moved? I’ve moved many times and haven’t removed a single ceiling light fixture. So it’s likely most are either still on the ceiling on which they were first installed or they’ve been replaced long since and put in the trash or, hopefully, sent to a salvage store.

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