Pineapple Royal Ruby Embossed Rose Cigarette Box Lid
Pineapple Royal Ruby Embossed Rose Cigarette Box Lid

Cigarette Box Embossed Lid – Pineapple

Dimensions: 4.25″ x 3.5″ wide x .75″ high*
Part Number:part of 599E
Known Colors:Royal Ruby, White, Jadeite
Other Names:Royal Ruby Cigarette Box Lid, Embossed Rose Lid
Part of:Cigarette Box

This Royal Ruby Embossed Lid for Anchor Hocking’s Pineapple Prescut Cigarette Box has an embossed rose on the center. It is one of three lids paired with the Crystal Pineapple Prescut Cigarette Box: Royal Ruby Embossed, Crystal (not embossed), and White Embossed. This rose-embossed lid was also made in Jadeite – maybe even other colors. I found the White also paired with a smooth rose-colored cigarette box. The Jadeite I found was paired with a Jadeite smooth cigarette box.

While the Jadeite doesn’t appear to have been listed in any Anchor Hocking catalogs with the Crystal Cigarette Box, I’m including it here in case you might want to collect all the rose-embossed lid colors. I intend to! But then I adore roses. Happy hunting.

Pineapple Prescut Rose-Embossed Cigarette Box Lid Gallery

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