EAPC Punch Cup
EAPC Punch Cup

Cup – EAPC

Dimensions: 3.5″ dia x 2.25″ high*
Part Number:789*
789C* (4-pack)
Catalogs:1961* thru 1979+
Known Colors:Crystal
Other Names:Punch Cup, Snack Cup
Part of:Coffee Set, Entertainment Group, Punch Set, Punch Set with Stand, Small Snack Set, Snack Set
Notes:Technically EAPC because of the 700-series part number. Actually, Oatmeal pattern. Doesn’t have a star. Looks like the Oatmeal Sherbert Bowl with a handle added.

This cup does not have the usual EAPC star because its pattern is actually Oatmeal. Some time in the early to mid-1960s the Quaker Oats Company commissioned Anchor Hocking to produce a Prescut line that they could give away as premium gifts inside cartons of Quaker’s Crystal Wedding Oats.

Oatmeal” was adopted as the line’s name by collectors because it came in boxes of oatmeal. I haven’t been able to find any other name for it, nor have I been able to find any Oatmeal-patterned items in an Anchor Hocking catalog – other than this cup.

When Anchor Hocking began producing EAPC Punch Sets, they adopted this cup into the EAPC line instead of creating a new one and assigned it a 700-series number accordingly. So, it is officially EAPC, as well as, Oatmeal. This cup is included in several EAPC sets (see list above). It was also sold in 4-packs, aka Anchor Packs. So it is a very common and easy-to-find EAPC piece.

When I was a kid, my mom often used these for pudding. She’d pour the hot, cooked pudding into the cups, then slide them onto a shelf in the fridge to cool. Each cup provided a perfect individual serving.


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* Verified.

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