EAPC Divided Oval Tray with Handles
EAPC Divided Oval Tray with Handles

Divided Relish Tray – EAPC

Dimensions: 10″ long x 6″ wide x 1.5″ high*
Part Number:770*, 700/951* (6 sets)
Catalogs:1961* thru 1978+
Known Colors:Crystal, Flashed Ruby- Tint
Other Names:Divided Oval Tray, Divided Tray with Handles
Part of:Hostess Set, Relish Server – Kromex, Relish Set – Leonard, Serving Set
Notes:It has 2 equal-sized sections. The Interior is 8″ dia x 5″ dia.

This handy EAPC Divided Relish Tray is quite common and easy to find. It’s also quite practical and useful. You can put slices of meat on one side and cheese on the other for a quick deli tray, pickles and olives, lettuce and tomato, crackers and cheese, cookies, and candy… The options are endless. Just pick your favorite duo and put this tray to work.

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