EAPC Footed Bud Vase - prototype, non-production item
EAPC Footed Bud Vase - prototype, non-production item

Footed Bud Vase – EAPC

Dimensions: 5″ high. Footed.
Part Number:none
Known Colors:Crystal
Other Names:
Part of:
Notes:Non-production item. Prototype only.

The EAPC Footed Bud Vase is a unicorn. Blueprints and one or more prototypes were made, but it was never put into regular production.

Here’s what Vicky Hilton Cunningham shared on the Early American Prescut Facebook Group:

It is our understanding from past employees that several prototypes were made, maybe 8 – 10. If it was decided not to put it into production, one was kept for the original designer’s office. All other pieces were supposed to be smashed but many of them never made it to the piles to be smashed and were taken home by employees. So there could still be other pieces out there.

The original prototypes were eventually put into “the morgue” at the Anchor Hocking factory in Lancaster Ohio. That is where Gene Florence was able to get them to photograph for his books. He was even allowed at one time to take them to at least one Fire King Show that we know of in Tulsa, OK many years ago. If “the morgue” even still exists, it is no longer open to the public. So there is no museum to actually view these pieces, specifically the Cocktail Shaker, the 5″ Bud Vase, and the Footed Sherbet. The Ohio Glass Museum in Lancaster, Ohio even asked Anchor Hocking to display the pieces in their museum but were denied.

Vicky Hilton Cunningham

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