Glass-Threaded Oil Lamp Base
Glass-Threaded Oil Lamp Base

Oil Lamp Base Glass-Threaded – EAPC

Dimensions: 6.25″ dia at widest x 9″ high*.
Glass-threaded burner opening 1.25″ dia.*
Part Number:
Known Colors:Crystal
Other Names:
Part of:Oil Lamp
Notes:Uses Globes/Chimneys with 3″ dia bases/fitters. Glass-Threaded with an opening that’s a little wider than the Brass-Threaded bases. Uses 1.25″ Eagle or White Flame burners.

Anchor Hocking’s Early American Prescut Oil Lamp was issued with two different bases, one that is brass-threaded and another that is glass-threaded (this one). Original glass-threaded EAPC oil lamp bases had Eagle burners. However, the glass-threaded bases have a little larger collar than the brass-threaded, so a #2 burner is too small. You’ll need a burner that fits a 1.25″ collar. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a replacement option yet. Please leave a comment with details if you do.

If you’re planning to light your oil lamp and there are any issues with the condition of its current burner (wick turner doesn’t turn smoothly, one or more tines are broken, tines don’t hold the chimney securely, the burner is corroded), I recommend you replace the old burner with a brand new one for safety’s sake. You can always keep the original Eagle burner in your collection for completeness – I just wouldn’t use the old burner if it’s not in good condition.

See Oil Lamp for more details.

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