EAPC Small 6.75-inch dia Snack Plate with Cup Ring
EAPC Small 6.75-inch dia Snack Plate with Cup Ring

Small Snack Plate – EAPC

Dimensions: 6.75″ dia x .75″ high
Part Number:738
Known Colors:Crystal
Other Names:Small Snack Plate with Ring, Individual Cake or Salad Plate
Part of:Coffee Set, Small Snack Set

This Small Snack Plate is the same size as the Bread Plate. The only difference is that this little plate has a ring to hold a cup and keep it from sliding around. The ring is positioned off-center so you have room for a snack or a small slice of cake.

These little gems are quite hard to find and quite pricey online. So if you happen on good deal in the wild, snap it up. You may never see them again.

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