EAPC Square Pitcher
EAPC Square Pitcher

Square Pitcher with Big Mouth – EAPC

Dimensions: 4.25″ dia x 5.5″ high at handle, 6″ high at spout*.
Pitcher body 4.5″ square.* 48 oz.*
Part Number:740*
Catalogs:1974* thru 1978+
Known Colors:Crystal
Other Names:40 oz Pitcher, 48 oz Pitcher, Juice Pitcher
Part of:Juice Set

The Square Pitcher is quite popular among collectors. At times it has been hard to find. There are actually two versions: one with a small mouth and one with a big mouth (this one). The Small-Mouthed pitcher came first, appearing in Anchor Hocking’s 1972 and 1973 catalogs. Then in 1974, it was replaced with this Big-Mouthed Square Pitcher.

For years, it was believed that one of the Square Pitchers held 40 ounces, while the other 48 ounces. This is not true. Nancy Hobbs and I embarked on an experiment, filling both pitchers with a colored liquid to the rim. Surprise! They both hold 48 ounces. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend filling them to the rim during normal use, they’ll spill as soon as you try to tip the pitcher.

I love my Square Pitchers and frequently use them for iced tea. They’re much lighter and easier to handle than the Large Round Pitcher which holds 60 ounces.

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* Verified.

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