EAPC Sugar Bowl
EAPC Sugar Bowl

Sugar Bowl – EAPC

Dimensions: 3.5″ dia x 6″ high*. 8 oz*
Part Number:753*, 753K* (1 dozen)
Catalogs:1961* thru 1978+
Known Colors:Crystal, Laser Blue, Avocado, Honey Gold
Other Names:
Part of:Breakfast Set, Coffee Set, Dessert Set, Dinette Service Set, Sugar & Creamer Set, Table Service Set 7-Piece, Table Service Set 11-Piece

The EAPC Sugar Bowl is one of the most common EAPC items Anchor Hocking made because it was sold singly, by the dozen, and in many sets.

The Crystal and Ruby Red notched lids from the Pineapple line fit the Sugar Bowl perfectly. Nab one of those lids and you can have a marmalade jar in your EAPC collection, too.

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