EAPC Sugar and Creamer Set
EAPC Sugar and Creamer Set

Sugar & Creamer Set

Sold By:Anchor Hocking
Part Number:700/671* (1961-71)
700/807* (Gift Display Box 1970+)
Catalogs:1961* thru 1978+
Number of Pieces:4
Other Names:



The Sugar & Creamer Set first appeared in the 1961-62 Anchorglass Catalog. While the Sugar Bowl and Creamer later get their own individual listings, the tray was only available in this set. That may be why you don’t find the tray in the wild nearly as often as sugar bowls and creamers.


  • Classic (700/807)
  • Gift Display Box (700/807)
  • Green Photographic (700/807A, listed as a 3-piece set)
  • Orange Photographic in Four Languages (700/807 in 1975 catalog)

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