EAPC Table Service Set 11-Piece
EAPC Table Service Set 11-Piece

Table Service Set (11-piece)

Sold By:Anchor Hocking
Part Number:700/720*, 700/720A, 700/956
Catalogs:1965* thru 1979+
Number of Pieces:11
Other Names:Tablemates, 11 pc Table Service Set
Notes:Salt & Pepper Shakers had Round Metal Lids 1965-71* or Flat Plastic Chrome Lids 1972+



  • Blue Photographic (700/720)
  • Classic (700/720 Round Metal Lid Shakers 1965-? catalogs)
  • Orange Photographic (700/720 Flat Plastic Lid Shakers 1975 catalog)
  • Tablemates Blue Photographic Box (700/720A)
  • Tablemates Green Photographic Box in Four Languages (700/720A)
  • Tablemates Gray Photographic Box (700/956)

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