EAPC Large Candy Dish Bowl
EAPC Large Candy Dish Bowl

7-inch Bowl – Pasari Indonesia

Dimensions: 7″ dia x 1.75″ high*
Part Number:
Known Colors:Crystal
Other Names:
Part of:
Notes:Looks almost identical to the Large Candy Dish Bowl. Feels a little heavier, though and the Large Candy Dish Lid doesn’t quite fit on mine.

Easily and often mistaken for an Early American Prescut Large Candy Dish Bowl , this bowl was actually made in Pasari, Indonesia. If you look closely at the inside bottom of the bowl, above and below the center star you’ll see the raised letters “Pasari” and “Indonesia”.

All glass imported into the US must be marked in some way (stamped, labeled, engraved) from the country from which it came. It is unknown whether Anchor Hocking commissioned the Pasari, Indonesia plant to produce this glass for them – maybe to help with high demand for a holiday season or during a plant shutdown.

While this Pasari bowl looks just look my USA-made Large Candy Dish Bowls, it feels a little heavier and its dimensions are a bit smaller. None of my Large Candy Dish Lids fit it. I say “my” because another collector on the EAPC Collectors Facebook Group says his lid fits his dish perfectly. Please keep in mind, that all EAPC pieces can vary a bit in size. I have cruets for which some stoppers fit and others don’t.

Pasari, Indonesia bowls are still an interesting find and addition to your EAPC collection if you can acquire them. I’m curious if they made a lid for this bowl.

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