Large EAPC Candy Dish Lid
Large EAPC Candy Dish Lid

Large Candy Dish Lid – EAPC

Dimensions: 7.25″ dia x 4″ high*
Part Number:part of 792
Known Colors:Crystal
Other Names:
Part of:Large Candy Dish

This lid fits the Large Candy Dish Bowl. Some collectors say it also fits the 7.25-inch Pasari Bowl. This may be the case for some Pasari bowls and/or EAPC Large Candy Dish Lids, but neither of my Large Candy Dish Lids fit my 7.25″ Pasari Bowl, even though it’s approximately the same size as the Large Candy Dish Bowl.

I haven’t listed any colors other than Crystal for this lid because it appears Anchor Hocking only made the Large Candy Dish Bowl in other colors, not the lid.

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* Verified.

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