EAPC Chip & Dip Set
EAPC Chip & Dip Set

Chip & Dip Set

Sold By:Anchor Hocking
Part Number:700/733*, 700/733A*
Catalogs:1967* thru 1979+
Number of Pieces:3
Other Names:Chip ‘n’ Dip Set
Notes:Brass Dip Clip 1967-73*, Chrome Dip Clip 1974+
EAPC Chip & Dip Set
EAPC Chip & Dip Set

Anchor Hocking’s Early American Prescut Chip & Dip Set includes two different-sized bowls – a Dip Bowl and a Large Serving Bowl – that can be positioned one over the other with the help of a handy wire Dip Clip, thus taking up less room on a crowded table, bar, or counter.

The Dip Clip sits on the rim of a chip bowl, providing a platform you can hook a dip bowl into. The brass Dip Clip appears in Anchor Hocking’s 1967 to 1973 catalogs. Then in 1974, the company switched to the chrome Dip Clip.



EAPC Chip & Dip Set with Green Box
EAPC Chip & Dip Set with Green Box
  • American Flag (Brass)
  • Classic (Brass 1967 catalog)
  • Green Photographic in 4 languages (700/733A)
  • Orange Photographic (Chrome)
  • Plain with Photographic Label in Four Languages (Chrome)

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