EAPC Large Serving Bowl
EAPC Large Serving Bowl

Large Serving Bowl – EAPC

Dimensions: 10.75″ dia x 3.75″ high*
Part Number:788*
Catalogs:1960* thru 1978+
Known Colors:Crystal
Other Names:Large Bowl, Serving Bowl, Salad Bowl, Fruit Bowl, 10 3/4″ Salad or Fruit Bowl
Part of:Chip & Dip Set, Console Set, Salad Maker, Salad Set (4-piece), Salad Set (15-piece), Serving Set
Notes:One of the first four EAPC items to debut in 1960. Fits Cake Stand.
Early American Prescut made its debut in Anchor Hocking's 1960-61 Anchorglass Catalog
Early American Prescut made its debut in Anchor Hocking’s 1960-61 Anchorglass Catalog

The Large Serving Bowl is one of the four items that launched Anchor Hocking’s Early American Prescut line in its Anchorglass 1960-61 Catalog. The bowl is simply listed in the catalog as “788 – 10 3/4″ Bowl”. It has since gone by many names in advertisements and Collectors’ Book listings, including Salad Bowl and Fruit Bowl among others.

Anchor Hocking included the Large Serving Bowl in at least three sets: Chip & Dip Set, Salad Maker, and Salad Set. It fits the Cake Stand perfectly. Just set it on top of the smooth end and rotate it a bit until it locks in place.

There are myriad uses for this lovely bowl, including tossed salads, hot rolls, chips, popcorn, etc. I keep one of mine on a Cake Stand on the counter to hold small bags of chips and assorted snacks. It’s a very handy bowl!


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