EAPC Salad Set
EAPC Salad Set

Salad Set (4-piece)

Sold By:Anchor Hocking
Part Number:700/661*
Catalogs:1961* thru 1971*
Number of Pieces:4
Other Names:
Notes:Salad Fork & Spoon Clear Lucite with Gold & Black handles 1961 thru 1966*, Clear Lucite with Brown Faux Wood Handles 1967 thru 1969*, or Black Satin plastic 1970+*.



The Salad Set first appeared in Anchor Hocking’s 1961-62 Anchorglass Catalog with a clear plastic fork and spoon with “Gold & Black” handles. Other salad sets featured in the same catalog are pictured with the same Gold & Black handled salad fork and spoon. The 1964 catalog also pictures the Gold & Black handled salad fork and spoon, however, they are simply referred to as “Lucite” without any color reference.

By 1967, Anchor Hocking had changed the handles on the Lucite salad fork and spoon to a brown-colored faux wood. Then in the 1970 catalog, the Lucite acrylic was out and plastic “Black Satin” forks and spoons were in and remained through the rest of the run.

Many collectors replace the original fork and spoon with more durable – and prettier – glass ones from the Stars & Bars set.


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