EAPC Punch Bowl Stand
EAPC Punch Bowl Stand

Punch Bowl Stand – EAPC

Dimensions: 5″ dia x 7″ high*
Part Number:797* (Console Bowl)
Catalogs:1961* thru 1979+
Known Colors:Crystal
Other Names:Console Bowl, Punch Bowl Base
Part of:Punch Set, Punch Set with Stand
Notes:Turn it over and it’s a Console Bowl.

Your presentation will go from nice to WOW when you place your EAPC Punch Bowl on this Punch Bowl Stand and then hang punch cups along the rim. The result is stunningly beautiful! Be prepared for compliments. It’s shiny.

Fun fact: many EAPC Collectors were surprised – me included – to learn that the Punch Bowl Stand doubles as the elusive Console Bowl. Just turn it over and voilĂ  you have a Console Bowl!

Nestle a Large Frog in the top and you can quickly assemble a professional-looking flower arrangement. It’s a stunning piece.


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* Verified.

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