EAPC Wire Spinning Base for Lazy Susan
EAPC Wire Spinning Base for Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan Swivel Rack – EAPC

Dimensions: 14″ dia x 3″ high*
Part Number:
Catalogs:1965* thru 1973* Brass (in set)
1974* thru 1976+ Chrome (in set)
Known Colors:Brass, Chrome
Other Names:Swivel Tray, Brass Swivel Tray, Chrome Swivel Tray
Part of:Lazy Susan

This Swivel Rack for the EAPC Lazy Susan is often the most difficult part for collectors to find when hunting for the parts that make up the Lazy Susan. The Brass version appears in Anchor Hocking catalogs as part of the Lazy Susan from thru 1973. Then in 1974 they switched to Chrome. The lucky collector may find one of each.

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