Adams' Magic Milk Pitcher featuring EAPC Milk Pitcher
Adams' Magic Milk Pitcher featuring EAPC Milk Pitcher

Magic Milk Pitcher

Sold By:S.S. Adams Co., Neptune, NJ
Part Number:5588
Number of Pieces:3
Other Names:
Adams Magic Milk Pitcher contents
Adams Magic Milk Pitcher contents

The Adams’ Magic Milk Pitcher magic trick features an EAPC Milk Pitcher. The effect of the trick is that “More than half a pitcher, full of milk, is poured into a folded newspaper. The newspaper is crushed and thrown to the audience. The milk has disappeared. The balance of the milk is now poured into a glass.”

The secret is “The pitcher looks like it’s full of milk, but a plastic cup holds the milk against the inside wall of the pitcher, leaving an empty space in the center. When you apparently pour the milk into the newspaper, you merely transfer the milk from the outside of the plastic cup to the center. No milk leaves the pitcher – up to this point.”

The S.S. Adams Company produced another magic trick utilizing an Early American Prescut piece: Sugar Candy.


  • 1 Milk Pitcher
  • 1 clear plastic insert
  • 1 small funnel with plastic tubing
  • 1 instructions sheet

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