EAPC Clear Glove with Beaded Trim
EAPC Clear Glove with Beaded Trim

Oil Lamp Globe Clear with Beaded Trim – EAPC

Dimensions: 3″ dia base x 8.75″ high*
Part Number:
Known Colors:Crystal, Royal Ruby
Other Names:
Part of:Oil Lamp
Notes:Uses #2 Queen Anne Oil Lamp Burners and Globes with 3″ dia bases.

Two different chimneys were sold with Early American Prescut oil lamps: a clear globe with beaded trim and a clear globe decorated in white with torches and wreaths. This clear globe with beaded trim is thought to be the first globe issued by Anchor Hocking with the EAPC Oil Lamp.

It’s common to find EAPC Oil Lamps missing a chimney or with a different chimney. Luckily, you can still purchase this globe and others from oil & kerosene lamp shops or online should you want or need a replacement. Many 3-inch base diameter globes are available today. So you can quickly and easily give your lamp a new look by swapping out its chimney.

Anchor Hocking also made a Royal Ruby Globe with Beaded Trim, but only for a few Anchor Hocking executives. So it is quite rare.

See Oil Lamp for more info.

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