EAPC Small 11-inch dia Swirl Platter with 4 parts
EAPC Small 11-inch dia Swirl Platter with 4 parts

Small Swirl Platter – EAPC

Dimensions: 11″ dia x 1″ high*
Part Number:
Known Colors:Crystal
Other Names:4-Part Snack Plate
Part of:Relish Server – Hellerware, Round Relish Tray – Milbern
Notes:Has 4 sections: a raised circle section in the center with 3 curved lines extending out to the edge along the swirl design of the platter.

The Small Swirl Platter is highly desired by Early American Prescut collectors. The swirl dividers perfectly align with the platter’s design making it a beautiful addition to EAPC collections. It’s also quite useful as a relish tray with its three wide sections and center circle where a Dip Bowl can nestle nicely.

They’re typically not very expensive, just difficult to find because they weren’t made for very long.

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