EAPC 5.25-inch Shallow Bowl
EAPC 5.25-inch Shallow Bowl

Shallow Bowl with Smooth Rim – EAPC

Dimensions: 5.25″ dia x 1.25″ high*
Part Number:765*
Known Colors:Crystal, Avocado
Other Names:
Part of:
Notes:Appears in the 1967 Anchor Hocking Catalog, but is not listed with a part number.

This 5.25″ EAPC Shallow Bowl has a smooth rim. The clear bowls were often used by hairdressers to mix color and bleach. Perhaps that is why the clear ones are so hard to find today. The Avocado-colored Shallow Bowls are a little easier to find, but still not common.

This little gem may have only been produced one year: 1966. While it is also pictured in the 1967 Anchor Hocking Catalog, the picture isn’t labeled and the item doesn’t have a listing.


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* Verified.

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