EAPC Water Glass
EAPC Water Glass

Water Glass – EAPC

Dimensions: 3″ dia x 4.5″ high*. 10 oz*
Part Number:731*
731C (4-pack, aka Anchor Pack)
Catalogs:1964* thru 1978+
Known Colors:Crystal
Other Names:Medium Glass, Medium Tumbler, 10 oz Tumbler
Part of:Water Set

Water Glasses 10 ounces when filled to the rim. They were sold individually and in Anchor Packs of four. Anchor Hocking also packaged six Water Glasses with a Large Round Pitcher to make up its Water Set, aka Beverage Set, aka Refreshment Set – depending on the catalog – for many years beginning in 1963. So Water Glasses are pretty common and relatively easy to find, unlike their Iced Tea cousins.

The Prescut Oatmeal line also includes a Water Glass. Sellers sometimes confuse the Oatmeal glasses with EAPC glasses. Two features make it easy to distinguish them:

  1. EAPC glasses always have a star.
  2. EAPC glasses have straight sides, while Oatmeal glasses have flared sides.


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