EAPC Basket
EAPC Basket

Flower Basket – EAPC

Dimensions: 6″ dia x 4.5″ high*
Part Number:704/205* (in Flower Basket in Block set)
706* (in Cake Plate set)
Catalogs:1965* thru 1973* (in sets)
Known Colors:Crystal
Other Names:Cake Plate Base
Part of:Flower Basket & Block, Cake Plate
Notes:Turn it over and it’s a Cake Stand.

The Flower Basket/Cake Stand is the most versatile piece in the whole EAPC line. Place a 5-inch Frog in it and it functions as a vase. Put the Small Candy Dish Lid on it and you’ve got a covered candy jar or trinket dish.

Turn it over and it becomes a Cake Stand. Just add a Large Platter and you’ve got a footed cake plate. It also works as a base for the Large Serving Bowl and Paneled Bowl. This is one of my favorite EAPC pieces.

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